Presentation: Recreation Effects on Squirrels and Grouse

The 2017 Front Range Open Space Research Symposium will be held on April 11th at the University of Colorado, Boulder, SEEC Building. The Applied Conservation Science Lab's Jeremy Dertien will be presenting research conducted last summer investigating the potential effects of human recreation on detection rates of Abert's squirrels and dusky grouse. The research included surveys for Abert's squirrel feeding sign and dusky grouse scat, passive acoustic monitoring of grouse vocalizations, and quantifying of recreation via camera traps. Research was conducted on open space lands operated by Boulder County Parks and Open Space and by City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks. He will presenting results from this research and recommendations for the implementation of these methods in future study designs. Other talks at the symposium include studies on riparian biodiversity, paleontological surveys, and analyses of changes in forest extent. All talks are open to the public.

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