Editorial: Science and Conservation Policy

Integrating science and policy is critical for achieving the goals of many nongovernmental organizations, the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) in particular. Similar to other scientific societies, SCB is considering the organizational structure, staff, and member services needed to meet its strategic goal to increase the application of science to policy and natural resource management. To support its planning, SCB conducted a strategic analysis of the society's future engagement in global conservation policy. We interviewed 28 conservation policy experts from around the globe, representing a variety of institutions and including several past and current SCB leaders, as well as outside experts. In response to open-ended questions, interviewees identified one or more possible roles (policy advocate, science broker, science networker, thought leader) for SCB to engage in conservation policy, roles that are relevant for other professional societies aiming to advance evidenced-based decision making.

Reed, S.E., S.L. Thomas, A.T. Bednarek, D.A. DellaSala, M.C. Evans, C. Lundquist, M.B. Mascia, T.Y. McPherson and J.E.M. Watson. (In press.) Roles for scientific societies to engage with conservation policy. Conservation Biology.