Introduction to Python for ArcGIS

This short course will provide a basic introduction to the Python scripting language and its application in ArcGIS 10.2. Students will become familiar with several methods for writing, editing, and running geoprocessing scripts in Python. In-class demonstrations and hands-on exercises will illustrate the use of Python scripts for automating GIS workflows, determining the properties of spatial datasets, searching and updating attribute information, and creating an ArcGIS toolbox to manage and share scripts.

The next workshop will be offered in Spring 2015 (April 10 & 17). Please contact the Geospatial Centroid for more information.

Workshop materials

FW555: Conservation Biology

This discussion-oriented graduate-level course focuses on major threats to biological diversity and contemporary techniques for investigating and addressing those threats. Students will gain a foundational knowledge of the history, theory, and principles of conservation biology. They will also develop practical skills in communicating about conservation science to diverse audiences, including the scientific community, conservation and management professionals, and the public.

I taught FW555 in spring 2014.

Course syllabus